Formula Student and FSAE worldwide live timekeeping project

The intention of this project is to make live timekeeping data of all formula student and FSAE events available. In particular if the event doesn't provide a (proper) official timekeeping website, this site shall provide you with clearly arranged data to all dynamic disciplines. Furthermore the collected timing data will be archived so you can have a look at them even several years later.

The site is built by Jakob Herrmann, a former team member of High Octane Motorsports (UNI Erlangen, GER) and Infinity-Racing (UAS Kempten, GER). All data displayed on this site is collected by volunteers of different FS teams.

Currently we are talking with the organizers of some events about automated data entries to our system. Therefore we have built a kind of web-based API through wich the data can be sent to our databases. For C#/.NET there is also a little DLL wich provides very easy to use functions to do these calls. A detailed description of both the web-API and the .NET-API is available here.

Due to the fact that by now all data is gathered manually by different persons, there can't be given any guarantee for the correctness or the completeness of the data.

You can also find us on twitter: @FStimekeeping


The website should work in all major desktop and mobile browsers. However there are some minor graphical issues with different mobile browsers. For mobile use the website works best in Firefox and Edge (no joke). Chrome works also, only has a little problem with displaying the page title. In Opera (Mini) please don't use the extreme or automatic settings for data saving mode, high works fine.


I have to disappoint you. There are no cookies on this website. You'll have to stay hungry 😢